9.00am    Good Friday  April 2        Worship Leader:  Rev John Thornton

9.00am    Easter Day    April 4        Worship Leader:  Rev John Thornton   




SCROLL DOWN for information how to access the Mid North Coast Presbytery Sunday Online Church.  The Synod of NSW.ACT also has a list of Uniting Churches across NSW and the ACT that are offering worship online. 


Regulations for COVID-19 protocols and conditions of entry for church services:   


A further easing of COVID-19 restrictions in NSW will operate from Monday 29 March.

Summary of Changes

  • No restrictions on singing, including places of worship (Hallelujah!).
  • No restrictions on dancing, including weddings.
  • Masks are no longer mandatory in a place of worship, even when singing.
  • All maximum numbers are limited only by the 2-square-metre rule.

Details of restrictions applicable from Monday 29 March:

Maximum numbers

  • For places of worship, weddings, funerals and other functions, the maximum number allowed is limited only by the 1 person per 2-square-metre rule for the venue.
  • Physical distancing of 1.5 metres is still required, which may affect total ca-pacity.
  • 25 people are allowed before the 1 person per 2 square metre rule applies.

Singing: There are no restrictions on singing, including indoors, and masks are not re-quired.

Masks: Masks are no longer mandatory but remain strongly recommended. This in-cludes on public transport.

Communion: Continue to ensure elements are prepared in a hygienic way (using gloves and consider the wearing of a mask due to the close proximity to food). Ele-ments distributed to the seated congregation by server/s also wearing gloves and possibly a mask (see above). Consider using tongs to assist with the dis-tribution of bread and be mindful of the 1.5 metre physical distancing where possible.

Attendance records are still required.

Cleaning: There has been no easing with the requirements for cleaning.

Dancing: There are no restrictions in place for dancing at weddings (or other events).


  • Ensure physical distancing is maintained where possible and use hand sani-tiser and common sense.
  • Ensure all people involved agree to proceeding in a COVID safe manner.



The venue must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan and be registered as a COVID Safe venue.

  • To enable physical distancing when arriving, entry will be through the Red Dove Cafe.  You will need to sanitise your hands when entering and then proceed to the central foyer to register at one of the two welcomers' tables before moving into the church.    
  • The number of people in a place of public worship is subject to the one person per 2 square metres rule at all times. There are markers on the floor to guide you in keeping an appropriate distance from others. Please keep your distance and avoid bunching when arriving and departing.   
  • People attending will be required to provide their name and contact details when they enter so that they can be used for contact tracing. 

We remind you that entry conditions are:

  • You must stay away if you are unwell.
  • You must sanitise your hands from the wall unit at the entry to the Red Dove Cafe.
  • On entry, we are required to ask you 3 questions:

     In the previous 14 days, have you:

       1) had any COVID-19 symptoms?

       2) been in contact with any confirmed/suspected COVID-19 cases?

       3) travelled internationally?

  • Your attendance will be marked and a record kept.
  • Chairs have been spaced for physical distancing. More people will be allowed at services, with one person for every 2 square metres of space  (though members of households can move their chairs together)
  • There can be no hand shaking, hugging or kissing in greeting.
  • Containers will not be handed round for offerings. There will be two baskets, one for your offering and one for Mission of the Month, which you can use when entering or leaving.
  • Newsletters will not be handed out.
  • Only one person can use a microphone. There will be designated microphones for the worship leader, the Bible reader and the person rostered for announcements. Any announcements must be given to the person rostered to make them.  There will be only one Bible reader, who must use his or her own Bible.
  • There will not be morning tea.
  • You are asked not to congregate in close groups in the building after the service. Enjoy talking outside but please observe physical distancing. We need to stay at least 2 metres apart wherever possible.   
  • Please leave the building promptly to allow cleaning.  Chairs and touch surfaces have to be sanitised after the service. 

Online Church You can worship Online if you are still in worship isolation and may be looking to connect with the wider presbytery family. The Mid North Coast Presbytery Sunday service is now merged with the Port Uniting service.  In your web browser: www.uca-nswact.zoom.us/j/708240593 – or in the Zoom app, Meeting ID: 708 240 593.  Virtual ‘mingling’ from 8.30am, with the service beginning at 9.00 am. All welcome.  Don’t forget that these services are recorded, and you can find them if you go to the MNC website: www.midnorthcoast.uca.org.au  The sermons from previous weeks are available on the Port Macquarie Uniting Sunday morning worship Youtube channel 

The Synod of NSW.ACT has a list of Uniting Churches across NSW and the ACT that are offering worship online. Some services are live streamed from Facebook pages or prerecorded and available on YouTube or available as podcasts.   https://nswact.uca.org.au/covid-19-information-for-presbyteries-and-congregations/livestream-options-for-worship-during-covid-19/  


Date                               Theme                       Worship Leader      

Sunday April 2             Good Friday                   Rev John Thornton

Sunday April 4             Easter Day                     Rev John Thornton

Sunday April 11           Easter 2                         David Freeman

Sunday April 18           Easter 3                         Jessie Mervyn Jones

Sunday April 25           Easter 4                         Chris Goodsell

Sunday May 2             Easter 5                          Peter Cambrell

Sunday May 9             Easter 6                          Rev Claire Wright

Sunday May 16           Easter 7                          Rev Claire Wright

Sunday May 23           Pentecost                        Rev Claire Wright

Sunday May 30           Trinity Sunday                 Rev Claire Wright - Bring a friend Sunday

Sunday June 6            Pentecost 2                     Beth Norling

Sunday June 13          Pentecost 3                     Rev Simon Hansford

Sunday June 20          Pentecost 4                     Rev Lindsay Sheppard

Sunday June 27          Pentecost 5                     Darryl Drury